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Shumei — Partnerships

Shumei has developed a number of partnerships with organizations around the world that share its concern for the environment and sustainable agriculture.

Soil Association
The Soil Association is the UK’s leading campaigning and certification organization for organic food and farming. The Soil Association certifies 80 percent of the organic produce in England. Patrick Holden, the former director of the Soil Association, established a relationship with Shumei recognizing the value of the Natural Agriculture farming system and its philosophy. Both organizations are actively involved in improving the way in which food is produced, prepared and consumed.


The Sacrafamilia Vineyard is a 15-hectare vineyard located in Pravia Province of Northern Italy.  It is owned and operated by husband and wife, Domenico Capet and Anna Mercandelli. Their goal is to produce the highest quality of wine in its purest form without the use of synthetic fertilizers, yeast, tannin, enzymes, clarifiers, or anything unrelated to its own natural properties. At the Sacrafamilia Vineyard, this includes even organic fertilizers, herbicides and other substances that are permitted by organic vineyards. Classical music is also played in their winery as they believe it helps to improve the taste and quality of their wine, which has won several awards.  In 2007, the Sacrfamilia’s red wine, ASTRAGALO, was chosen as one of the top 100 Italian wines.


In 2008, Sacrafamilia and Shumei formed a partnership founded on their mutual respect for nature and a part of the vineyard was converted to produce Natural Agriculture wine. Today the entire Sacrafamilia vineyard is cultivated following the principles of Natural Agriculture. No additives are used even when changes are observed in the vines and only the finest grapes are used in the production of their wines. Recognizing the value inherent in the purity and beauty of nature, the owners of Sacrafamilia consider their wines to have a “spiritual” quality, as they are earth’s gift blessed with light. Their agricultural approach, which respects the rhythm, balance and intricate diversity of nature, has crossed the boundaries of agricultural philosophy and concept, introducing a brand new level of excellence in wine. The natural and pure production of this fine wine presents a new potential for winemaking.


Mbabala Women Farmers’ Cooperative Union
The Mbabala Women Farmers’ Cooperative Union (MBAWOFA) was established by Jessie Brenda Hachipuka in 2003. The organization is located in the Mbabala Constituency, Southern Province of Zambia and consists of several women cooperatives. MBAWOFA aims to empower rural women farmers in order to improve their household status and income through increased participation in rural development. Barbara Hachipuka became the director of MBAWOFA after her mother’s death and established a partnership with Shumei. The MBAWOFA works with Shumei to train farmers in Natural Agriculture and teaches them to use affordable, environmentally friendly farming methods for food production and as a source of income. The micro-finance program provides them with the opportunity as well as skills for them to run their own small-scale businesses. This partnership program was featured on the UN NGO-IRENE Best Practices Network. Barbara Hachipuka has since established a nonprofit organization called the Natural Agriculture Development Program Zambia (NADPZ), which involves women farmers from beyond the Mbabala Constituency.


Navdanya is a movement started by Dr Vandana Shiva to protect biodiversity and the integrity of all species, promote the practice of a nonviolence agriculture that works with nature and not against her, and create an Earth Democracy, based on the respect of all members of the Earth Community. Shumei established a partnership with Navdanya and have worked on multiple joint projects such as the Visions of the Living Earth book, and forums and activities around food security, seeds, soil and organic solutions to climate change. 

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