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Natural Agriculture around the World

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In a world with growing environmental problems, climate change, food shortages and increasing poverty, Natural Agriculture offers an alternative to conventional farming that is not only safe for consumers and the environment but also offers a means for addressing these challenges. Responding to the high prevalence of harmful chemicals and unnatural methods used in food production today, Shumei provides farmers and consumers an effective approach to agriculture that bypasses the use of any additives. In doing so, Natural Agriculture farmers around the world are able to grow strong and healthy plants and contribute to reducing the short-term and long-term effects of chemical pollutants in the environment.

Natural Agriculture takes into account the entire ecosystem and recognizes the interconnection of all living things in nature including the soil and water, essential ingredients for plant life. This perspective aims to protect the purity of both soil and water, and to secure the integrity of the ecosystem for generations to come. Chemical fertilizers increase the potential for soil erosion gradually stripping the soil of its natural minerals and are major pollutants of waterways and thus Natural Agriculture does not use any chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides. With Natural Agriculture, the natural capacity of nature is respected and this leads to a renewed relationship with the natural world.

Shumei Natural Agriculture programs around the world are helping farmers to rediscover the wisdom of nature and to implement sustainable farming so they can cope with the changing weather patterns and not have to rely on hybrid seeds, fertilizers and pesticides. This reliance has created an enormous economic burden on small scale farmers, as well as harming the environment and creating potential health hazards.

Natural Agriculture programs around the world are helping people to address global issues such as poverty reduction, the current food crisis, environmental degradation and climate change. With programs in Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe, Natural Agriculture is enabling farmers to cultivate their land with indigenous, non-hybrid seeds, which are yielding crops with adaptability and natural resilience to changing weather patterns.

The long-term benefits to this way of life include increased environmental sustainability, empowerment of rural farmers and food security.

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