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Life in Nature

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Life in Nature is beautiful

Terraced rice paddies spread out from the base of the mountain. Vegetable fields and thickets create a lovely scene with beautiful colors. Seasonal crops ripen in the fields. Forests at the edge of the village connect people's lives to nature. At the heart of all of this, are old-style houses.

Why is it, though we’ve never lived in an old-style house, we feel our hearts beat quickly with a sense of nostalgia when we see one? Why are we so fascinated by its beauty?
Standing amidst the richness of nature, the house made of natural materials may evoke our inner memories of a communion with nature. It is said that people lose their humanity when they are totally separated from nature.

Despite the warning of environmental destruction brought about by man's foolishness, the situation never seems to change at all. Maybe our hearts have also been injured.
In old-style houses, there was no attempt made to create luxurious decorations. Even so, from the thick and naturally curved beams to the simplest small detail of the house, all things are beautiful. This is because the whole house is in harmony with nature. The memories of our ancestors who lived in the richness of nature are still engraved in our hearts.

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