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Kominka - Masters

The power of old materials
“I think that old material has a power to heal people’s mind. People who visit buildings constructed with recycled old material say they like staying in the building forever, or they feel comfortable when they touch a pillar. With sincerity and respect, I want to hand down this gift from our predecessors who were able to create such peaceful places, in order that this ability will not be lost in the rush of modern living.”

Shimamura Nobuyoshi, President of Shimamura Yosi Shop.
As a third-generation descendant, he took over the work of thatching roofs of traditional houses with reeds. Over time, as more and more of the traditional houses were demolished, he began preserving the old material. Thirty years have passed since he started to recycle old material and reconstruct traditional houses. He is a member of Japan Minka Reuse and the Recycle Association.

Revival of scenery
“The mountains of Tanakami and Shigaraki, located on the southern side of Lake Biwa are called the Konan Alps. They are reminders of the spectacular natural environment that produced the large trees and rocks which were utilized in ancient cities. Across the river that winds between these mountains, you can see terraced fields. The traditional houses standing among these natural wonders will demonstrate to visitors the close link between these traditional houses and nature. I also hope that they will play an important role in reviving the tradition of mountain villages.”

Kinoshita Ryoichi, President of Atelier Ryo
He has a detailed knowledge of traditional buildings, and has dedicated his life to the preservation and revitalization of the cultural heritage of Japan through the refurbishing of traditional village houses and the merchant houses of the city. He is one of the founders of the “Kyo-machiya Revitalization Study Group.” “Mukadeya,””Momochitarukan” and “Artoretanto” which designed by him are also well known in fields other than architecture.

Traditional houses are our cultural heritage.
Today, many of old Japanese architecture including shrines and temples are still intact even though they were built more than a thousand years ago. Inside such ancient buildings, low humidity is maintained, because the wood and the clay walls are breathing. I think we have an obligation to preserve ancient buildings made of wood and the clay so people of the modern world can reevaluate the skill of the masters who created this type of wooden architecture so suitable for the Japanese climate. I want to preserve indefinitely so they remain part of our cultural heritage. They can be revitalized, re-used and brought back to life for the modern world.

Miyagawa Gotaro
President of the Enishi-giken Corporation, He is in charge of reconstructing traditional houses. In dealing with community-based projects, he works to preserve traditional methods of construction. He jointed Mr. Shimamura’s projects for reconstructing traditional houses four years ago. With Mr. Miyagawa, many craftsmen work with their sons, because they are trying to hand down their unique skills to the next generation. Mr. Miyagawa’s son is one of them.

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